Settling In


There are grocery stores in every direction. King Soopers used to be local but was purchased by Kroger. It’s still the main “Colorado” grocery store. The two closest (pretty much equidistant from Dot House) are South at 104th and Federal, and North at Sheridan and 120th. There is also a Safeway across from the King Soopers on 104th and Federal. There is a Whole Foods on 120th between Sheridan and Federal. There is a Meat Market at Sheridan and 112th called Walley’s that usually has a pretty good selection of local meat. At Federal and 120th there is a fantastic (but expensive) Seafood market (with counter dine-in) called Big Mac and Little Lu’s. Believe it or not, the tuna is fresh and delicious! There is also a HUGE Asian Market at Main and 120th that has an incredible selection of imported asian groceries as well as a HUGE selection of live seafood (swimming in tanks!).

Rental Cars

The two closest car rental agencies are Enterprise and Hertz. This link will pull up a Google map of the rental car agencies in the area.